Apple Chips

For the first post on my new food blog, I’m going to go with a fun fall treat.

Apples are finally back in our bazaar and they are so cheap I can’t resist picking up a few kilos at a time. Having an abundance, I decided to try something new, apple chips. The recipe is simple but a little time consuming, best to do on a day when you will be around the house for at least a few hours. I don’t mind though, now that it is cooling off here I will be looking for excuses to keep my oven on all day.

The trick to this recipe is slicing the apples thin and evenly. I have a mandolin and I think that is the best way to go, but if you only have a knife, it is still possible! Just get them as thin as you can.

Next, lay your slices out on a pan. You can do this many different ways, on a cookie sheet, silpat mat, baking tray… but the way that seems to work the best is putting them straight on the oven rack. This lets them cook on both sides at the same time, you don’t even need to flip them.

I like to sprinkle a little cinnamon on my apples before putting them in the oven. They need to cook at a very low heat. Somewhere around 200’F. My gas oven won’t stay that low so I wedge a big plastic spoon into the door so that it stays open a little. The apples will need to cook for 2-3 hours. If you have them laying on a sheet, flip them over once during that time. You are trying to get them crispy without being burned. If the oven gets too hot, they will burn, and if you take them out too soon, they will still be soft.

A good way to see if they are done is to pull out one or two, let it cool then test it for crispiness. While they are hot, they will feel soft even if they are done.

Let them cool completely and then put in an airtight container. But be warned, these are an addicting snack… I tend to eat the whole batch in one sitting!


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